• Dissemination Package for Outreach Activities (.pdf file 590.9kb)
  • Celebration of Recently Completed European Researcher's Night, 26th September 2014 (html) Activities in UNIPR 
  • Celebrating International Year of Light (IYL) 2015 (html)
  • Various Activities in Partner Institutions by our ESRs 
  • Nano2Fun ESRs visit schools as a part of Outreach Programme "Nano2Fun@School"  Nano2Fun Researchers Valentina Pia (ESR 9 of University of Antwerp, Belgium) and Siarhei Kurhuzenkau (ESR 3 of UNIPR, Italy), along with two other PhD Students Francesca Delchiaro and Nicola Castagnetti of UNIPR, visited schools in and around the neighborhood of Parma, Italy for the outreach activity "Nano2Fun@School" 
  • "Switch the Light On" -An Outreach Activity for IYL 2015 Nano2Fun ESRs Domna Nikolaidou (ESR2 UNIPR, Italy), Dzimitryi Ushakou (ESR12 PUS, Poland), Siarhei Kurhuzenkau (ESR3 UNIPR, Italy) and Valentina Pia (ESR9 UA, Belgium) demonstrated various interesting optical phenomenon to the first year Masters degree students of Bangalore University, India.
Photo courtesy to Slava (ESR5, LZH) and Domna (ESR2, UNIPR)